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Smokefree homes resources

Welcome to the Smokefree Homes campaign resource area.

Smokefree South West has produced a toolkit of resources to help raise awareness of the dangers of second and third hand smoke and encourage people to smoke outside of the home. This set of on-line resources offers partners the opportunity to raise awareness of this issue locally through the use of evidence based materials that have been tried and tested with the target audience.

Following the publication of 2011 YouGov data which showed that 22% of adults in the South West allowed smoking in their home, Smokefree South West developed a smokefree homes campaign. The campaign message encourages smokers to take the smoke right outside of the home.

After three bursts of campaign activity over two years a dramatic decrease was achieved with rates dropping from 22% down to 13%. This equates to 400,000 more adults now taking their smoke outside and protecting their children.

In 2014, a national smokefree homes television campaign was developed. Since this date, our focus has been on engaging new partners in this work.

The latest YouGov data shows that during 2014 and 2015 smoking outside of the home has remained static at 13%. We need your help to reduce these figures further and encourage you to use the resources from this website to encourage behaviour change in your local area.

The Smoke Outside posters can be displayed in public areas and the leaflets can be easily distributed during home visits or used at community events to help communicate the smokefree homes message.

To access the resources please go to